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                    Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

Our state-of-the-art laser engraving process yields a highly visible permanent BLACK impression and provides for the maximum resistance to Abrasives, Solvents, Chemical Cleanings, Military Lubricants, and High Temperatures. 

All of our ID tags and instrument tags are made using a high quality 304, 316, or 430 stainless steel and are .030" to .032" thick. By request we can also provide .062" thickness tags for a slightly higher price.

                     Yes we engrave 1D bar codes on stainless steel

316 stainless tags are also available in .75" x 2.5", 1" x 2", and 1" x 3" sizes, all come with one 1/8" hole. Likewise we can also provide .060" thickness tags for a slightly higher price.

We stock 304 stainless tags in the following two sizes 1" x 2.5", 1" x 3", 2" x 7", 1.5" dia., and 2" dia. however as our costs to laser engrave any material remains somewhat constant do not expect much of a price break when using the 304. Other limited sizes are available upon request.

We also have stainless bead chain along with .032" dia. 302/304 wire, .032" dia. 302/304 braded wire, plus stainless crimps for attaching your tags.



stainless steel ID tagsKey Benefits



We stock the most common sizes of tags for immediate shipping.
Fast turnaround times for in-stock items.
No set-up fees. $25.00 minimum order required, but it can be waived.
You are not limited to a set size tag. We will manufacture to your size specifications.


 Sample Pricing for .029" SS
Description Part # Price Type of SS
.688" x 1.50" .688x1.50-2 $3.25 304
.75" x 2.5" 


$3.75 304
.875" x 2.5"


$3.85 304
1" x 2.5"


$4.00 304
1" x 3"

1x3-2, 1x3-1

$4.75 304, 316
1.25" x 3"


$5.50 304
1.25" x 3"


$6.50 304
1.50" x 3"


$6.50 304
1" x 2"


$3.75 316
2" x 4"


$8.00 316
2.25" x 7"


$18.00 304

3" x 4"


$16.00 304

1" round


$3.00 304

1.50" round


$3.75 304

2" round


$4.75 304

Please note the dash number behind the size indicates the number of holes the tag has. Hole assignments are not written in stone. We will place them where you specify.

Everyone has their own specifications to meet, therefore ID tags, instrument tags, and p&id tags in custom sizes and shapes are always available upon request. Please allow appromately 15 business days (depending on quantity) for custom orders. For further information on pricing and/or discounts please call, email, or fill out the Information Request Form below and we will reply promptly.

All prices are subject to change.

Information Request Form




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