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Other Services

Full color signs and name badges

Full color signs and badges of all varieties and styles are achieved through the sublimation process. The sublimation process consists of a dye printed onto a photo quality paper. The paper is then placed over the sign material and placed into a heat press at a given temperature for a set amount of time. The dye when heated changes from a solid to a gas which is transferred to the sign material. It then changes  back into a solid fusing to the sign substrate.

We maintain a ready to use library of over 20,000 company & organizational logos

Key Benefits

This process can be applied to special Acrylics, Phenolics, Aluminums, Steels.
The colors are permanent and cannot be washed or rubbed off.
Name badges in bright full colors.
Great for promotional products like tee-shirts, key rings, or luggage tags.
Prices similar to laser engraving.


We look forward to helping you in all your projects.


Sample Pricing

                        Product         Price
2" X 3" Name Badge w/clip         $3.72
2" X 10" Name Plate (FR Plastic)         $7.38
8" X 10" Sign (FR Plastic)        $22.25

So many options here to choose from, please inquire for your specific price quote.

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