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aluminum ID tags
Actual Photo of a black lacquer coated aluminum engraving to silver and on right a brushed silver aluminum engraving to black (an Alumamark product)

 Anodized Aluminum Tag

The following aluminum ID tags and aluminum name plates are great for a variety of applications ranging from simple gas or water ID tags to identifying your company with a nameplate on the equipment you manufacture or resale.

Various Products

Anodized aluminum ID tags in 6 different colors, the engraving turns to a white color.
Lacquer coated comes in a variety of colors and engraves to either a gold, silver, or brass color.  
Aluminum ID Tags(Alumamark) in a matt gold or silver finish engraves to black. These make great aluminum name plates. New Product
The 5052 (H32) and 6061 (T6) aluminums engrave great if you are looking for a general purpose industrial type name plate or aluminum ID tags.

When considering the above selections please note only the H32 & T6 aluminum materials will hold up to the outdoor elements as all the others will fade over a period of time. We also offer a white sublimatable aluminum for full color indoor applications. Unlike laser engraving the sublimation process is a printed dye transfered to the material using a heat press. Once the transfer is complete it is permenant and well suited for indoor use only.

Sample Pricing

Description Part # Price
1" X 3" Anodized 1x3AA-b $3.00
1" X 3" Lacquer 1X3L-g $3.00
1" X 3" Alumamark 1X3AM-ms $3.00

There are so many options we cannot list them all here. Samples shown reflect one line of text. Additional lines will be slightly higher. A $25.00 minimum order may apply.

Everyone has their own unique specifications and size requirements to meet, therefore custom sizes and shapes are always available. Please allow 15 to 21 business days (depending on quantity) for custom orders. For further information on pricing and/or discounts please call, email, or fill out the Information Request Form below and we will reply promptly.

All prices are subject to change.

Information Request Form




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