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Children's ID Bracelets - Children's Identification Bracelet

Our Children's ID Bracelet and Children's Identification Bracelet are made using Premium Grade .062" thick Stainless Steel.

These are great to have for vacations, trips to the beach, while at day care, around the neighborhood, and just everyday use.

$12.00 each complete and includes up to 4 engraved lines and shipping.

        These Children's Identification Bracelet shown may not represent actual size

Children's ID Bracelet

Children's Identification Bracelet

The Children's Identification Bracelet measures 9/16" X 1 3/4" and come complete ready to wear (the chain may need to be shortened) in the 12 different styles as shown above. Stamped on one side and up to 4 engraved lines (of your choice) on the other side. However we suggest Name and Phone Number. You are not limited to these options.

       ONLY $12.00 for the safety of your child. Don't let them leave home without it.


                               We ship the item to you within 24 hours.



We do not have a secure site to accept credit cards as yet and apologize for any inconvenience. Please either call or email with your American Express/Visa/Master Card number to place an order. We also accept checks.

When placing the order tell us what you want on the front of the Children's ID Bracelet i.e. train, fire truck, sea shells, etc. and the information you want on the other side.






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